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Alignment Method


                             for Connected Leaders 

The Alignment Method for Connected Leaders is a method to create a work environment, that enables emplyees to be effective, feel inspired and connected as a team

Live and work in alignment

The Alignment Method for Connected Leaders teaches leaders how to create a work environment that enables and empowers managers, leaders and their team to be more effective, inspired and motivated.

Experience how shifting the focus from profit to a meaningful vision actually generates more profit and reduces workplace fatigue leading to higher retention.

This holistic approach to corporate health also includes environmentalism and climate awareness.



The three pillars of the Alignment Method

∏ leadership skills → effective and responsive team

∏ Team alignment → employees fulfilment and effectivity

∏ Environmental alignment → creating a sustainable future


The 3 pillars of the

Main Cooperation:

The Alignment Method empowers leaders to create a harmonious work environment that fosters authenticity, collaboration, and purpose, resulting in increased employee engagement, productivity, and overall organizational success. 

Leadership Skills

Planetary Ecosystem


Team alignment

Embodiment Practice


– Exercises that relax the nervous system while making awake and focused

– Interesting facts about the nervous system, feelings and mindfulness

Problems caused by poor leadership:

Effects on the employees


  • Communication issues
  • Conflict
  • Drama
  • Resistance to change
  • Resentment
  • Lack of responsibility & no initiative
  • Low motivation
  • Poor relationships


Effects on the planetary ecosystem


  • Overwhelm by work and having no energy left to give
  • Less inspiration to think outside of the box and do something good
  • Unhappiness of the individual leads to a unhappy society 
  • Unhappy and hurt peope become selfish and less giving
  • Increased waste


Effects on the company


  • Decreased productivity
  • Reduced profits
  • High turnover
  • Employees quit but don’t leave
  • Increased mistakes/waste
  • Boredom
  • Poor employee engagement
  • Wasted time and opportunities
  • Departmental conflict

Next step

If my words appealed to you and made you curious

1. 45 minute free introductory zoom call where I will present you the concept and we find out if I can be helpful for your company
2. 3 Day Preseminar 
3. Main cooperation with all 3 pillars


This is what clients say about the alignment method

Stefanie U.

I always find it fascinating how large her repertoire of physical and psychological exercises is, which help with clenching of the jaw, but also in exceptional emotional situations. In the coaching we did various exercises from hypnosis and psychodrama, mentally went straight into difficult situations and tried to act differently there. I found the effect really amazing. Situations that I could only master under great tension now feel very easy. Thank you very much!

Dr. Andrea Mess

 Already in the first session, I liked her precise, attentive and very thorough way. The deeper themes, some of which still came from my family of origin, quickly opened up. These could be resolved and new energies released through very appropriately selected visualizations, exercises from psychodrama and systemic questioning techniques. I look forward to further cooperation.

Daniela Schaller

Working with Katja McKinney was an enrichment for me. She proceeded with great sensitivity and empathy. However, she never lost focus. She has a wide range of experience and a repertoire of methods from coaching, psychodrama, hypnosis, knowledge about the nervous system and much more, which she skillfully used and creatively combined in order to respond to my individual needs and pick me up exactly where I was.